Have a more classic party system

As of right now the party system kinda feels a bit stale/lame since all it really does is giving players more xp for killing mobs depending on how many people thats in it. I don’t know if you guys will tweak this system but i think i’d be nice if you added a more similar party system mechanice that is used in other mmorpgs. Like xp sharing and loot sharing. And before you say this could be abusable and unbalanced, hear me out. So if your in an area that is ment for lets say level 15 to 20 area zone, then people that is in a party around that level would share fair amount of xp than people that is level 30+ would give you significantly a lot less xp. That way Friends could help each other out alot more and people would actually be smart about this and set upp plans and strucuture over which team should farm in certian speffic spots. This could also work great in Duengons and Raids. Since the support class could just focus on dealing heals and support magic, with out worrying on losing out on XP and Loot.

Another feature that needs to be added is voting for the exotic drop item, So lets say your party finish killing a boss and the boss drops a rare weapon/item then there should be a voting system of sort over which one should get the item, such as> “Need,Greed,Pass” Basicly what it means is if you killed the boss and lets say it dropped a staff, then if your a mage you could pick the “Need option” and that would usally give you the item if no one else in the party is a mage and dont need that option. For this not to be abused it will automaticly check if you already own that item, and if you do it will pass it over to the other mage that needs it, While the Greed option will mean that you want that item even trough its not meant for you, This usally means if the mages in your party dont need it then it will usally pass it to you. While the pass option is self explained of you just skipping the item and giving it to somone who needs it. This would avoid "Smurf/Stealers to spam steal all of the boss drops every time, and leave alot of frustation out and etc.