Hav u guys ever been gnomed?

  • yesn’t i haven’t been gnomed’
  • i have been gnomed’

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free chair< wow headless u should rlly click this.

I warn everyone not to be deceived by the “free chair” link. You will be deceived by @Kevcrusher!

dont listen to his meta’s lies!!1111

@a-ah u have been gnomed before u guys stop lie to me!!!1111

also for those who got that free chair i just want to use my gnome to laugh at those who didn’t 4756f26bbb4b2b7dafa7b8833699a90074746aba_full

It was a misclick I swear!1!!

Hee haw, I cannot be gnomed for I have the eternal anit-gnome pas.

what is a anit gnome pass? it’s probly somethin to do with ants.

Correct, the eternal anit gnome pass makes it so that all the ants in your local area can’t be gnomed.

Oh and, I also have an eternal anti-gnome pass, meaning that I can’t be gnomed

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Hi there, The Order Of The High Chairs recently inspected this post as the chair you presented for free, was not chairitable and no one could chairish it as they ate it since it was not a chair.


well what if i told i’m not a g’nelf i’m not a g’noblin i’m a g’nome and you’ve been GNOMED’

oh god not this

oh goshness please. stop this