Has nothing to do with Vesteria at all

Somebody teach me to not procrastinate plz. I need help :confused: :cold_sweat:

local univ = Universe
local Planets = univ:GetChildren()
local Earth = Planets['Earth']
local Humans = Earth['Humans']

repeat wait() until Humans:FindFirstChild('Bean602') -- Waits until you exist
local bean = Humans['Bean602'] -- Creates a reference to you

while wait() and bean do -- this repeatedly waits and checks if you still exist
    if bean.Procrastinating then -- If you are procrastinating, pass this check
        bean.Procrastinating = false -- Now you don't procrastinate anymore

Just enter this code and you’re all done!
Sidenote, I have not tested this for bugs.
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Lmao! Best thing ever right here thanks

(Also you can do wait() for variables?)

wait() is a function, because of this you can use it for variables, yeah

Extra info containing an explanation on why this works

In the case of

repeat wait() do

you’re calling the wait() function each loop, which returns the time it waited. Because this is not nil or false, it’ll get interpreted as true, therefore this functions as a while true do loop

Coolio! Sigh I need to learn more programming lol

Don’t worry about the repeat wait() do part, I only discovered a few days ago that it was possible.