Has anyone seen the Cleric NPC?

I checked where he usually is and, hes not there. Anyone know where he might be?

Think its broken not showing up in most servers try server hopping

I just tried server hopping and the NPC is still gone.

maybe got moved :man_shrugging:

It probably got moved.

But do you know where it was moved?

It seems that the cleric dude is gone. I was helping someone try and find it, and it was gone. I probably missed it, but could someone just leave directions below! Pleasee!

How the heck do you make a post?

Directions to reach the Cleric NPC. (He will probably be moved back soon, but here it is for now.)

Begin at the entrance to tree of life from enchanted forest.

Follow the path left, passing taximan dave and under the little cave.

You will arrive here, where you next begin to climb the mountain upward

Follow up here, and now you enter the brush!

After making it through, you will be met by a beautiful sight. The castle? Go towards it!

You have now found Bishop Jonathan!
Praise Vesra!

Ye, they moved him I think