Has anybody here reborned?

has anybody reborned here? if so, reborned from what, and what r u now on that save?
personaly i reborned from a max ranger, then became trickster

No offense here, EZJ, but that was a graaave mistake.

nah, i just wanted to try trickster, and i have a max assassin. i also plan to reborn again mabe if i dont like trickster rework. just wanted to try all hunter subclasses

reborned a warrior for a mage

subclass or no?
also, cool

Reborned a 14 warrior, now a level 36 warlock

Reborned a 23 hunter, now a 30 sorcerer.

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I reborned a lvl 35 assassin to and im planning on a warlock

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Only reborning a level 10-20 Warrior to serve as a Shroompocalypse slot.

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No, I didn’t know that you can reborn now.

reborn is ooollddd. its buy the cleric guy

It’s reborn for no benefits, not the fancy thing that was planned.

I was a mage then I became a hunter
I did this before they added subclases

also reborned a acct to be my mush apoc
grinding main

i also reborned a warrior for a mage lol

You dont have to reborn it, just let it die to some mobs a few times when you get exp on level 20 so it never gets to level 21

It’s easier and faster to just reset to level 10 with a mage rune, then use a warrior rune to become a warrior again, power grind to 13 in sewers, then use my red tier mushroom sword for shroompoc. Takes like 5 minutes lol

XD(stupid 5 letter rune)

be above lvl 20, have ur team go into sqr, then reborn while team is teleporting
the multible lvl at once thing is so satisfying

The constant use of “reborn” in the wrong tense is just a little bit annoying… maybe more than a little

theres a diffrence from reborn and rebirth, it buggs me too tho