Hani and ken on the same team = death (POTM vs 7S)

nerf hani and ken
Credits to @Conquest

im first u nerds

no me

you never had my permission for this! copyrighted! demonitized! reported!!

person below triple dum dum haha

… reverse card sucka

u cant reverse if i skip u haha

The battle is named “Hani and Ken on the Same Team = Death”

I was just trying to keep full health and finish off the ones that survive lol

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quick made up story
Gen: “we will cherish this battle as one of our best, most victorious battles!”
Gen: “what should we call it?”
conquest and ben :“Exodus”
others give suggestions
whale 5 min later
whale:“Hani and ken on the same team = death (nerf hani)”

that is definetly made up :point_up_2:

that is just a twisted truth.

i remember me saying Exodus is chat

2:21 I brought Ombrem down to half health ; )

Next time @Conquest Don’t jump, makes it harder to watch the video.

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The morning of the battle.

Before the battle


During the battle


After the battle

@Summber and @Kenderos are too powerful lol

That was fun to watch