Hahahahahhahahahahha im laughing....yeah


Lol I wonder who will get THAT badge…

A lot of people. Too many people

That’s awesome. Checkmate to the nerds who expect to 100% the game after release

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yay we get a cool badge!

what do i do with it

You tape it on your fridge and show your mom how good of a kev you are

heck yeah

This badge will be disabled and not displayed on the game’s page once Beta comes out.

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Damnit Wizard you and to tease

y not have it to show people what they missed out on?

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I suppose that’s karma for my teasing, fair enough

I mean yes disable it after beta release… but WHY NOT DISPLAY IT WE NEED BADGE GLOATING RIGHTS!!!I!!!I!!!I!!!I!!!

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It’ll still be in our inventory

I know but I want ppl to b able to c it and like, wonder who has it ;-; (and b jealous) haha!

don’t worry, i’ll be making a forum post soon that would enable easy gloating as an alpha player B)

even though one of the alpha player perks is already having an extra coolkid title in-game, but eH