Hacker report channel

I think we should have a hacker report channel (it would be way more effective cause its a robux game) and having a rank or whatever so people can review and ban people in the channel


yes please

That sounds like a good idea except most people wouldn’t pay 80 robux and then start hacking, the channel may not be used a lot but I still think it will be a good idea.

Once we have gamemasters it will just be dm them video proof of exploiters, but for now i do think this would be useful

…just dm discord mods. We can handle situations privately without publicly humiliating someone.

Exploiters deserve to be humiliated.
; )

No they don’t.
: )

discord mods ignore dms

poly blocked me…

I’ve seen alphas hack.

Exploiters being humiliated? Best way is to up them in a jail cell like this post suggests.

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no we dont

he did not. It’s his privacy settings. Also in what part of that message did i say anything about devs?

doesnt the developers count as mods? also, mods can do much stuff except tell devs

poly is working on gamemasters. once they are added, mods will have direct connection to them

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Ey, this is in my post. i met hacker.

I think you met sonic, they were blue.

I would really love this