Guilds/Tribes/Clans/idk i need help

Ok so I was just wondering if there are any plans to add guilds/clans/tribes or something to Vesteria ever because I think that would be cool, and I mean other than parties (which I haven’t actually gotten to test…) That people can join and do guild raids on bosses or something… Maybe this has already been brought up/ thought of and I’m just ignorant (If so, please enlighten me!) but at the time of me writing this topic I haven’t heard anything about such things. Thanks for reading :sweat_smile:

Also if this actually is an original topic feel free to reply with ideas and such below :nerd_face:

I hope I did that right lol

Guild and Storage In there poly mentions some info about Guilds being added.

o yea that works… now how do i delete this…

o nvm says i cant lol :man_facepalming:t2:

Best Way To Get Something Deleted It Just Using The Trash Can Under The “…” Button To The Left Of The Reply Button, Or By Getting It Flagged.

Yea if I hit the trash can it says I don’t have permission to delete it lol. Idk u can flag it if u want

That Is What Happens When You Delete A Post.

Oh maybe I was unclear sorry, I’m trying to delete the topic not my post lol.

Deleting A Topic Is Impossible Unless You Have The Trust Level Of ‘Leader’ Or Are A Moderator For The Forum You Are In.