"Guilds" Section

Guild posts die pretty quickly and their posts become futile. Make a section (like General Discussion) specifically for this, it might help guilds recruit people.

Do you want this to be added?

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something like this
in the section, there’ll be two subcategories. recruiting and guild info.


I think a “Bulletin Board” section like the DevForums have would be nice for guild and marketplace related content.


Yes it would be beautiful… POTM won’t drown anymore!

and seven sins is still dying, please revive the chats

bs sketch, yw

i meant something like this.

Idk…Guilds dont need a complete category to themselves. Putting them as a sub category in General Discussion would be best imo

They’d be harder to find that way (compared to what I suggested) and the forum posts would still die quickly.

guys whats with the ugly edits?

just use inspect element to create a new table row

html noobs


weird flex but ok

how is that a weird flex

weird flex but ok.

The church agrees that Beta Refuge needs a thread in this supposed subsection :slightly_smiling_face:

cool flex

bump cuz new guilds and stuffs

more votes on the poll could lead to the addition of this

Bump, I think this is a good idea.

even more bump.

bump agaaain

yes, good idea

Bumpity bump

I bump again because this is good idea