Guilds are great!

I love it when you go to join a discord full of amazing people. Preparing to join a group of friendly individuals in their vesteria adventures. Then you go to ask a question and get completely ignored. Seconds later to only leave, wondering why you joined that discord in the first place. Summary of Guilds.

Shoulda joined my guild :wink:

yeah the answer to that is, they aren’t removing currency trading. It’s just disabled rn due to how buggy it is, but it’s coming back

(also don’t judge the company because you asked a question and left 3 minutes after you joined even though I’m not a part of them)

So on their trello in the wishlist, it’s there due to a bug and not because they want to get rid of it completely.


Alright thanks! Doesn’t change my opinion of guilds though.


I would like to apologize on behalf of The Company. We did not purposely ignore your question. It seems like you asked the question while our members were in an important discussion. They did not have a chance to answer it before you decided to leave the Discord. Hopefully this mistake does not affect your opinion of the Guilds, and The Company.

I am making a facepalm reaction petition now.

That’s just how it be sometimes.