Guild Update Proposal

An update related to guilds is coming though we are not certain it will be the next update. An update related to guilds will be big in that it will not focus its attention around combat like we’ve seen with subclasses or Whispering Dunes, but focus around community building. This brings out more interaction in Vesteria and provides players with more of a reason to play outside of grinding.

With the guild update, we would expect to have the ability to increase our guild member size and potentially even have a dedicated space for the guild to organize together. but, this update will quickly grow stale if all guilds are easily given access to these resources. To add onto this, not all guilds are the same and will vary in size and activity so options for guilds to expand would be necessary.

Buying Tiers for guilds would help bring guild interaction to achieve a similar goal. Tiers will be donation goals set by the guild master for guild members to see and donate to. One would be able to donate and view goal by visiting a NPC. Once a donation goal is met, the guild will receive the desired tier reward.

What are tiers? Tiers are guild upgrades a members can buy whether that be through increasing player limit and/or giving/upgrading a guild hall. Tiers will come in 3 forms:

Player Tiers:
Guilds will be able to increase their member limit by choosing and reaching desired tier.

Player Bronze Tier

-Guild can now have up to 25 members
-Guild can now choose from several banner designs

Player Silver Tier

-Guild can now have up to 60 members
-Guild can now choose from several banner designs
-Guild can now have a custom description

Player Gold Tier

150 GOLD
-Guild can now have up to 150 members
-Guild can now choose from several banner designs + custom banner border
-Guild can now have a custom description

Hall Tiers:
Guild halls will be accessible through a special area in Nilgarf which takes you to your guild area only accessible to your guild. Serious guilds will be able to buy these areas for organizing events and convenience purposes.

Hall Bronze Tier

-Gives a small guild castle, preferably for hosting/organizing meet ups
-Gives a small courtyard that connects between Nilgarf and the guild hall

Hall Silver Tier

140 GOLD
-medium sized guild castle; more rooms and bigger meeting hall
-medium sized courtyard; now has some fruit trees and a fishing/crafting area (future professions update?)
-mini Colosseum; Guilds will be able to host pvp events a lot easier and have access to teaming players for group battles and gamemodes

Hall Gold Tier

300 GOLD*
-large sized castle; meeting hall is now a theatre.
-large courtyard; now has all fruit trees, fishing area, crafting, and mining area.
-Plaza; nicely decorated area with access to a merchant. This merchant will sell new items every 24 hours at a discounted price than you would normally buy in outside merchants. This merchant even has a rare chance to sell really rare items (stat ancients perhaps?). This merchant would only sell a limited quantity per player obviously.
-Bigger Colosseum
-Docking area; the guild now has their own boat and captain which will take them to areas that allow a boat to travel to (forsaken isle, port fidelio, etc) for free.

Why tiers? Buying tiers is completely optional as all guilds are going to be different in seriousness and activity. But having these tiers and perks can help the guild stand out and have conveniences that benefit the guild and its members who worked hard to achieve those perks. It may seem like a lot of money will be needed just for a couple of conveniences but if every member contributes equally, it won’t be that bad.

Quality of Life
Here are a few quality of life features that should come with the guild update:

  • Give fellow guild members in the same party an extra %XP boost. Currently a party gives 10% EXP and a full party grants +20% EXP. Perhaps a party of guild members gives 15% EXP and a full party gives 30% EXP?
  • Ability to send guild announcements/mail to members in-game
  • Inactive leaders/members kicked after X amount of days?

Guild Territory
A guild wars/territory aspect to the update would be very interesting to see. Having a dedicated map where guilds can invade and siege castles opens up a huge opportunity for guilds and players to set a name in the community. This has been discussed a lot throughout the forums and would require a separate post to discuss which has already been done: Guild Territory Discussion

A guild update would give Vesteria a breath of fresh air and provides players something to do after a long day of grinding. This gives players the ability to build a community where they feel like they belong. This is open to all forms of criticism and/or adding new information of course.

I would Love this update and would love it for my guild but instead of predetermined things for tiering up, why not have it so you get empty area and can build things and buying tiers would give you more build space
For example build an apple, banana and pear farm you could choose one of these
You could build a colo if you are a pvp determined guild
You could build a weapons lab and research the ability to craft new weapons
You can research new secret abilities for Adventurer Like boulder toss or even the base and sub classes
The point of the guild update is to be an update that will have an impact forever on vestaria and i feel like this suggestion is really good but plot space where you can build what suits your guild would fit better

Inactivity kick is a terrible idea, like if I go on a trip or something or my dad takes away internet. Not fun for anyone involved

The inactivity kick is a bad idea, everything else seems good