[Guild] Terul's Servants

The coming guild Terul’s Servants is needed for people. I haven’t made it yet, as I need a full party. I plan on making a discord server for everyone to communicate, and would happily offer any alliances from other guilds. If you are interested in helping out this coming guild, here is my discord tag; Gamerboi#4546
DM me. Once we have 5 people in a party, I will accept anyone willing to be recruited.


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@WaterWolfX @Knifehunter00
you guys know what to do
also good luck on the guild!

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Good luck!

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Good luck


Wow, thanks for all the good lucks!

When you’re prepared to make an official guild page, I would be happy to help refine your more rough edges.


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im good

It wasn’t a request.

ok thats nice

Hail Vesra!

hail vesra image

credit: @geo_cant_draw

How is geo’s art brain so big