Guild Territory Discussion

this is great and all, but please fix PVP first

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More like fix hunter execute damage?

Yeah, a couple of areas like this would be really cool, it would make guild fights/wars much more interesting.

can’t wait till they add gang, i mean guild wars in Vesteria!

:flushed: this is family friendly kids playtime post

e What

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xyquad cat

Bump, still an active idea I think

Bruh i thought this auto closed but seems fair

Gosh darn I really hope this is still planned. Seems like an awesome way to keep late game players engaged

ber doesn’t care if pvp is busted from now on
idea prob scrapped

I love the idea of Guild Territory but the idea is a little exaggerated, with the current idea that means zones will be 24/7 PVP areas and people of the guilds will have to play for a long time in order to keep the castle protected.

I suggest making these “raids” weekly, let’s say 2 times per week due to different time zone or just 1 time, making it an official raid where more players can gather up and fight for the capture.

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so basically we can build forts and defend it as guides like in the pokemon games the secret hideouts?

Could there be like a reward for holding it?
Maybe it could be a spawn that makes traveling around easier because of either catapults or cannons.

Or just like, a passive boost like +1 walkspeed for you wherever you go

There could be another tab to the guild menu where you could see other guilds, or even raid them. This feature would work like this:
If a guild is “open for raids” which means that it has at least 10 members online that are defending their territory, it would be possible to raid. But in order to raid another guild, the guild owner or a general would have to start a mass invitation to every guild member. If at least 10 players accept the raid invite (which would be cross server) they would be teleported to the preparation room, where your guild would be able to buff or organized their inventory before raiding. Meanwhile the defending guild would receive a warning saying that an invasion is imminent.

But… Why would a guild raid another guild or just stay vibin on their territory open for invasions? Well, thats the whole point. There would be rewards of course, the reward feature could work like this:
If your guild wins, you get a certain amount of (currency). This currency could be distributed according to the utility of the member during the raid/defense or just equally. It could be used to buy things for the guild such as structures, traps, useful furnishing or even a higher member capacity.

Man, this would be a great addition to the game, in my opinion of course, and I really want to see if someone else want this to be a possible feature to the game. Otherwise, I have tried my best to explain what I had in mind :slightly_frowning_face:.

I would like to see this as long as there are ways to expand your guilds. By this I mean having a higher capacity of people.

necrobump :frowning:

Yes, that’s been planned since guilds were teased and not even in the game yet. At the time, it was/is expected it’ll cost over 250 gold for a maximum capacity guild.

In the case that you guys are doing Guild Territory again one day in the future, you should implement fruit trees that carry rare fruit within these territories that only guild members can have access to.

Examples can include banana trees or a “super” fruit tree that are like fruit trees you see in Vesteria but simply direct upgrades.

You can also do ethyr mining (Or re-use the same system as the Colosseum tokens spawning in the middle of the Colosseum) or potion making, maybe if you guy update fishing, a pond that carries very rare fish.

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This definitely would provide some incentive to use guilds more still waiting for guild bank/upgrades and it might give the nice bump to PvP which Colosseum currently isn’t working for. I’d definitely say add a leaderboard for which guild holds the territory for the most time, since everyone loves a good competition.