Guild Territory Discussion

What is a guild territory? Guild territories will function as PVP enabled maps in the open world that will serving as hangouts for guilds to spend their downtime fighting over and occupying.

As I have yet to start, I’d like to hear some of the communities feedback on features they’d like to see in this first implementation of the idea. So far my plans are:

  1. A central castle with very strong defenses that a guild would be able to officially occupy and control any means of entrance into the walls. In order for an opposing guild to siege the castle and take it from occupying forces, I imagine we would either have a health bar on the main gate that must be depleted in order to forcefully raise it, or some kind of zone that must be held uncontested for a set amount of time.

This castle would contain a rally room, a courtyard both inside and outside the gates for socializing and guild recruitment, a generic ceremony room for role-play purposes, and an office with a grand desk in which guild leaders can hold in-game meetings or interviews.

  1. A secondary camp somewhere within the map containing a fireplace and lame defenses.

This camp would serve as a rally point during raids for opposing guilds to gather and defend as they attempt to siege the castle.

I would love to hear feedback on what features I could additionally add to make this map more appealing to guilds as well as if you guys even like the concept of this map for Vesteria in general.


yes please give HandsUp


This is interesting but how would territories work if the entire guild is offline or not in game

will another guild be able to claim the territory or?


Sounds pretty cool for guilds!

It seems like a really fun idea for guilds to show off their members, rather than outright 6v6 battles which probably get old after a while.


GIVE US! It seems like a really good idea


Yeah, a guild would not be able to perpetually occupy a territory, instead needing members online in order to defend/hold the castle.


Yes Yes Yes I think this is a thing like the way rust works I would really love to see this in game.

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How much would it cost?

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I think there should be more territories around the main guild base, not only one. I imagine it like you have to take over, let’s say 3 “small camps” out of 5 that are surrounding the main base in order to weaken the guild and get rewards like silver, potions, possibly some gear.
I was also thinking about upgrading the guild castle with silver (getting better defenses, more rooms, decorations etc.) which would basically encourage guild members to actively invest into their guild.

It seems very interesting, but what about something like a square territory in which after winning certain battles inside a territory you get premodelled structures you can combine and make the castle and camp with that. Giving the player something to start with already seems a bit undfair. Another thing would be territory expansión, for example what if the territory could be expanded by 20 studs for 2.5g? And lastly, what about someething like traps, such as a goblin spawner or something like that? The idea is very cool, but it seems like it could be refined with the right question of the community.

Welcome back the Forums. :3

I think this would be a pretty cool feature, though I hope there will be a larger variety of maps and spaces for guilds to occupy with this feature than what is mentioned here.

Maybe there could also be territories that wouldn’t be fought over, but instead, would be bought between guilds like say a small base in Mushtown for PoTM.

Would it have to be a caste? I think it would be interesting if we could make Guild Territories like Castles, Tree House bases or even Floating islands. And you could only get in if you were apart of the Guild or by attempting a raid. Although no one will see this i think it would be quite awesome

Assuming in these maps like you said, regular or solo players could visit to attend interviews to join the houses etc. I don’t know personally how effective this will be because of how expensive it will become to upgrade how many members you can have in your Guild.

Though a solo daily quest could be added to the map, possibly something that can be picked up at the camp, where the Player is given a target from the Guild that currently holds the sanctuary.

(This is super foresight so feel free to ignore) I think the occupiers of the Castle should also be given tremendous advantage - it should be be made quite difficult for invaders to rally and charge together as well as prevent cheesing like Archers spamming arrows at the gate from afar and then running away when people go to defend.

Sorry if a few points I made seem irrelevant specifically to Guild Territories but I wanted to mention them while they were on my mind.

@sk3let0n My post can probably give you some ideas on rewarding type system for territories even though its more about benefits of being in a guild

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This sounds really great :+1:

Are there any rewards that a guild would get for holding/capturing the castle though, because other than that it seems pretty much only useful for roleplay/fun. Global buffs for guild members of a guild holding the castle?

Would there be multiple servers of this place? Would each guild have their own server available to be raided at any point?

Capture the flag anybody?

I’m wondering, what are all the benefits of holding territory, maybe being able to tax people to peacefully past through

maybe gp should be awarded for the guild for holding the territory so it has more value

along with that, defenses like guardians should be able to be bought (maybe with gp) to defend the territory as well

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This could work very well, however, there is definitely a couple of issues and complications.


Timezones impose a pretty big obstacle to overcome with the addition of these guild territories. If the time to capture a guild territory were too short than that would make investing into defenses and both the tactical idea and roleplay idea of holding these bases for a long period of time pointless. This is because Western players and European, and Eastern players would constantly be trading off these territories because they can attack during each others sleeping hours.

But on the other hand, if the time period is too long, it would be quite difficult for people to actually engage in taking over these guilds as people have real life obligations (primarily school as fits that the main age demographic of roblox).

In conclusion I think it would be hard to balance this aspect in such a way that would make the system of raiding and defending an engaging experience that is actually fun. But I could just be missing something.


Rewards are going to be hard to balance, as they should be strong enough that it pushes players to join and be active in guilds (I believe the community is one of the best things Vesteria has achieved).
But the rewards can not be too powerful because these territories are decided by combat ability, if the rewards are too good a guild could definitely snowball in power. making already established guilds stay at the top, without leaving room for smaller guilds to have fun with this feature.

Rewards also need to be strong enough that there is actually a reward for holding these territories. Depending on how this will work, there is likely to be a lot of traffic in these areas which would make it hard to hold. Rewards must be good as to actually incentivize players to hold this territory/ies. The amount of traffic in this guildhall would also be decided through what rewards are offered.

Conclusion: If the rewards are too little, people won’t have any reason to participate. If the rewards are too great than that could lead to guilds snowballing and being able to wipe any attacks because of the pure difference in gear (which has been made more important in some of these later updates). But the rewards must be great enough that it gives players a reason to go there, as the level of the rewards is directly proportionate to the amount of people who would fight for these territories.


Most of this depends on how you want this to play out. If you want these territories to be longer term investments that a guild needs to commit too, or whether you want the guilds to be constantly transferring between, constantly changing hands.

If it’s supposed to be a long term investment, than there should definitely be more of an emphasis on building up defenses from the ground up. Perhaps the castle starts empty as soon as you claim it, and you can buy defenses, and also vanity roleplay stuff (this would also serve as a money sink to fix the mass inflation that Vesteria has gone through) although if this is too expensive people won’t want to buy it. So I suggest making it semi - cheap. If it’s long term, there will also need to be a couple guild territories so multiple guilds can actually engage in both sides, defending and attacking. I personally believe this option, the longer term defense, is more fun because It’s really something that has never been seen in Roblox before, and is truely unique.

Then there is the option of making these territories short term, and constantly transfer hands. While this probably wont be as fun, and definitely reduce from the “roleplay” element, it does open this content up to a lot more players, albeit a less fun version. This could definitely make the guild scene more diverse also, as it could let smaller guilds come more into the public eye, but it would definitely lessen the experience for more hardcore players.


timezones would make actually holding onto a guild territory hard. Rewards need to be balanced well as to make it fun for everyone. The audience you appeal to will change based on whether its a long term system, or a short term system. I really do love this idea, and totally support it. I just think it needs to be executed correctly.

(I usually just post in forums in large blocks of text, so sorry if this is formatted a bit wierd i’m still getting good at it)

Im not a huge guild person and so I might be biased a bit but if guilds can occupy a location. Does this mean its just that singular location or will there be several copies of that same location as I think it would be quite hard for a single guild to protect themselves from several other guilds wanting that location because one guild can show up then they get defeated where another guild comes up that same time. Of course this could be helped by a cooldown but with how big Vesteria could be in player count, it wouldn’t be that hard for a couple hundered guilds in the game and they would all want a location so people would rely on cooldowns not to get raided as every instance they would get raided and couldn’t farm mobs and such for long.