Guild Territories 🏰 - A Complete look on how territories can function in Vesteria

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Guild related content at Vesteria’s current state of the game can easily catch the eye of players who are dedicated towards being an actual Guild, serving a purpose and representing themselves as a whole.

  • In this post i will be talking about Territories, Guild Points, Shields, Defenders and much more!

Approximately 5 months ago from writing this post, Vesteria’s Map Designer, sk3leton posted a forum topic explaining his point of view on how he would like Guild Territories to work.

sk3letons Forum Post Click to visit!

A Sum up to what sk3leton mentioned in his post, my look on how Guild Territories can perform is built upon this and is fairly the same.

What are they and how would Territories work?

  • Territories will act as unique locations in the world of Vesteria that are capable of being dominated or owned by a specific Guild. Owning a territory can represent your Guild aswell as bring itself Benefits and earn a new mechanic we will learn about later, called Guild Points.

  • A Territory can only be overthrown by another guild if all of its Defenders are down aswell as any of the Defending Guild members are alive on its territory

  • Fallen members of the Defending Guild cannot respawn on their territory that is being Attacked for 1 minute

  • After all Defenders of a territory are defeated the Attacking Guild must raise their banner to sucessfully claim it as their own!

  • A Guild’s banner will appear in respective positions on a territory to indicate their ownership

  • A Guild can own up to 1 - 2 Territories in the entire Game [This is to allow fair play and balance for other guilds ]

  • Use of Mushcoins can be used to upgrade a territory respectively.This is a major part of Defending!

  • Territories are PVP Zones, which means player on player combat is enabled except against your own Guild Members, However, this will be off only if your Territory is under it’s Shield

  • Territories that your guild owns can be Attacked :crossed_swords: by opposing Guilds but can also be Defended :shield: by your members and Defenders, which we will also talk about later.

  • Territories can only be Attacked by a minimum of 5 or 6 Members in your Guild

  • Attacks can only be initialized by HR’s in your Guild, in which they would choose the members they would like to send out to raid an opposing Guild Territory

  • Defenders on a territory can be Customized with Weapons and Armor to defend your Territory. Defenders can be set to Attack everyone, enemy guilds or no one.

  • The types of Defenders you can customize depends on the location of the territory

  • A Territory can only be Attacked by an opposing Guild once every Hour [ This can be different for fair play and balance]

  • If a Territory is Raided Sucessfully by an opposing Guild the previous Guild that owned the territory loses its ownership of it Defenders (The items you gave a defender goes into the other guild hands)

  • Territories are mainly located in between atleast 2 DIfferent parts of a location, for example the Lost Corridor connects Enchanted Forest and Coloseum.

  • Many more soon…

Territory Example :tent:

That seems like alot to take in…Lets take a look at this Bandit Camp for example.

Now imagine this Bandit Camp functioning as a Territory in its own seperate part of Vesteria World but it connects a shortcut to Whispering Dunes and Scallop Shores/Gauntlet.

In this scenario a Guild that owns this territory will be the Revins.

Revin Community.

You will be able to tell by their banner or by entering their Territory, but that may not be a go to choice as their Defenders may be set to Attack on Sight.

This is just a quick mock up of how their banner would look on a Bandit Camp Territory, as the way a banner can be represented depends on the location of the Territory. In this case in the Desert

The Revins would benefit from their territory by accessing their own custom Spawn Point if they die, possible Storage [Can be loss if territory is overthrown] and even Custom Shops and more…

Defenders :crossed_swords:

image A Bandit Defender that is entirely customizable
Now even though the Revins have sucessfully overthrown this territory, they might want to prepare for any other Guild from attacking by setting up Defenders.

This Defender is entirely customizable in Weapons and Armour. What makes a Defender unique are their special perks and their requirements for example.

  • Bandit Defenders are capable of swinging faster with one handed weapons.
  • Bandits are limited to only use melee weapons.

image Also customizable

Where as a Bandit Skirmisher:

  • Specializes in use of Bows
  • Fire faster at Day

To obtain Defenders on a certain territory the Guild Leader, or HR can purchase more with the use of Mushcoins [Price will vary depending on defender]

  • A Territory is capable of purchasing a defender only related to its location, meaning only enemies that are from Whispering Dunes can be set up to defend your territory

  • A Territory is capable of purchasing ONE Giant of an enemy, however it will cost way more than its original form

credit to @SeittoAE for image

Imagine having to take out a giant Scarab just to claim a territory for your own Guild

Defenders Customization/Upgrades :wrench:

Defenders can only be Customized if they are Human. Customizing a Human Defender brings a purpose to extra Equipment you may not use anymore. However, if a Defender isn’t human it can only be Upgraded to its Giant forms or Variants for example:

crabby A Crabby can be upgraded to

A Reinforced/Forsaken Crabby

Respectively having Non Human Defenders also have their own unique perks.

Keep in mind that the type of Defenders you can purchase to protect your Guild territory is based on the location of the territory for example:

Having a territory near Seaside Path or Scallop Shores you can purchase/hire a Ranger Defender that acts similar to a Bandit Skirmisher but is located at Ocean type Territories

:spiral_notepad: A Defender can also be set up as Hunter, Mage or Warrior depending on the location of the territory

[Example a territory being near warrior stronghold only allows Warrior Defenders to set up]

image image image

image Port Ranger : High Accuracy with Swift Bows.

Defenders Summary :spiral_notepad:


  • Defenders can only be upgraded or customized if they are Human

  • If a Defender isn’t human it can be upgraded to its Giant form or Variant if possible

  • There is a limited amount of Defenders you can place on your Guild territory

  • Defenders that has unique gear given to them can be taken by opposing Guild if they overthrown your territory

  • Type of Defenders available for purchase depends on the location of a territory, this applies to Class Defenders aswell

  • All Defenders must be eliminated on your territory before the enemy Guild can claim it as theirs

  • If your Guild loses their territory not all equipment from its previous Defenders drop on Death

  • Defenders can be set to Attack on Sight or Passive

  • Upgrading or purchasing a Defender cost Mushcoins

  • If your territory was Attacked but the Attacking Guild failed, killed Defenders or Damaged ones will Respawn with lower HP but HP must be Healed.

Guild Points [GP] :scroll:



But a quick summary, Guild Points are earnable points that are obtained by sucessfully defending your territory attacking other territories, completing other task out in the world of Vesteria and much more! These Guild Points can be used to purchase more acessories for your Guild and other items to customize your Guild Hall!


  • Shields
  • Guild Points
  • Guild Wars
  • Guild Hall
  • Rewards/Succesfull Attack/Defend

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Good idea. Members of the defending guild should be notified if the guild territory is being attacked along with a option to teleport right to it so nobody has to stay and guard.