[Guild] Protectors of The Mushroom [PoTM]

Protectors of The Mushroom

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We, the fellowship. We, the brothers and sisters in arms. Sworn protectors of the Mushroom Throne and knights of Mushkingdom. We pledge our service to King Isacc and those who follow. We will honor our fallen and live to mourn another day in service to the king.” - Oath of The Company

PoTM is the oldest standing guild of Vesteria. We’re an active community that engages with the developers on a daily basis. PoTM is thriving with most of the Leading members being well respected and well known Veterans and Leaders of the Vesteria Community, in game and on the Forums. Join us in our adventure in Vesteria. We would be happy to have you in PoTM. We’re a gameplay focused guild, so we do not bother much with ranks, but the information is listed below.

Guild Ranks

Current Ranks


A new face to the guild. These people can attempt to prove themselves worthy to the guild in-game and will be promoted to one of The Orders


A representative of another guild or major discord in Vesteria. These people are to be treated with respect.

The Orders

Those who have proven themselves in game are accepted into the guild and join the ranks of The Order. These members are usually active members of the Guild and the Vesteria community. Note that in order to be promoted to The Order and the higher ranks, you are required to be in the PoTM Roblox Group. Inactivity with this rank will result in demotion to Visitor.

In addition, members of The Order have groupings, and each grouping has a representative that they elect to The Company. The job of these representatives is to accurately portray their grouping’s wants and needs to the rest of The Company, where these propositions will be voted upon by each member of The Company.

The Company

The Leaders of PoTM. These members decide all important decisions for the Guild. These members are elected by their Grouping and represent them in making decisions for the guild. Members in The Company represent the Guild in all its glory. All members of The Company are usually the most active, well known, and most knowledgeable members of the Guild. Anyone with this rank should be treated with the respect they have earned. Failure to sufficiently represent your grouping can result in replacement by someone else who is elected by your grouping.

Members of The Company

Bean, Level 30 Mage, The Rebel of The Company, Order I Rep
Sam, Level 30 Warrior, The Patient of The Company, Order II Rep
PaoloGamer16, Level 30 Mage, The Philanthropic of The Company, Order III Rep
Jonno, Level 30 Warrior, The Technician of The Company

The Best Company Members

TheOfficialSin, Level 30 Warrior, The Guardian of The Company
ArcaneFxre, Level 30 Warrior, The Warrior of The Company
Zxrceus, Level 30 Mage, The SpruceWood of The Company
Hani96, Level 30 Warrior, The Demon Slayer of The Company
Kenderos, Level 30 Hunter, The Shadow of The Company
Metalious, Level 30 Warrior, The Sin Slayer of The Company
Vultaan, Level 30 Warrior, The Great Slayer of The Company
avoiided, Level 30 Mage, The Librarian of The Company
WhaleVEVO, Level 30 Mage, The Noob of The Company

Join our discord(perm invite just so y’all have one)!

– We update this page for various different reasons.


Come join us for a fun time! ; ) wink wink


Free stones upon first entry


If you receive a stoning lasting for more than four hours, contact a doctor immediately.

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