Guild | Protectors of The Mushroom ~ PoTM

—Protectors of The Mushroom—

What are we?

We are the oldest and greatest guild in Vesteria, originally founded by @GeneralOmegus on November 8th, 2018. We have been around since the first days of Vesteria Alpha, and are one of the only guilds to have survived so long. We strive for greatness in our members, and expect you to be fairly active if you want to join our ranks.

How do we work?

Our governing system is a little different from traditional ones, but we believe that’s what has made us thrive for so long.

The Order - These are the bulk of our members and our lifeblood. These members are what truly make PoTM strong. They are the ones that fight our battles and win our wars, be it physically or verbally, these members are expected to stand tall and strong in the face of adversity.

Note: You have to have at least one save that is level 30 to join The Order, otherwise you may stay with us as a visitor.

The Company - The Company is the main governing body of PoTM, they enforce the rules and help to settle any arguments that may pop up in the guild. Company members also tasked with voting on changes in the guild. They also handle most of the foreign relations with other guilds. These make up the guild admins and and will make guild changes when found necessary.


- Oath of the Protectors of The Mushroom -

“I, as a member of PoTM, pledge myself to it and it’s members, to help it grow and prosper, to support it both in times of peace and in times of war. I pledge my good will and service to the Mushroom Banner that it holds up, and swear that I will, to the best of my ability, protect this guild, but more importantly that I will protect its people.”

We’re slightly private now, unlike part of our past, so you have to apply to become a Visitor, Order, or Representative through one channel. Your application may not be accepted. Requirements are listed in the channel as well. Visitors will have to either stay active or have a good reason to be here (e.g. Rep/AA Rep).

Guild Gold Bank Info

All stored on Th3Mushroom, used to collect funds for the guild.

Please note that current balance also comes from other sources, like grinding on Th3Mushroom itself.

Ranking Donor Name Amount Donated Extras
1 willwlwlwl 30.3 Gold
2 DroLreM 23 Gold
3 Cthoma23456 17.91 Gold Fishing Rod x2, Banana x5
4 Cutylun 7.5 Gold Banana x2
5 Simplexitus 5.10 Gold 5 Gold 95 Silver
6 Metapoly 5 Gold
7 YouKyato 4.66 Gold R. Fang +2, Snel Helm, A. Scroll, 2x S. Essence
8 JonnoTheGamer 3.21 Gold Blessed Stick
9 Joxler 3 Gold
10 Atomilogical 2.38 Gold Blessed Wooden Pads, Skull Mask +7
11 PaoloGamer17 2.3 Gold
12 BrawleyBook 2.3 Gold
13 Khanhtrang832 1.3 Gold Blessed Ravager Vest
14 JaySicarius 1.3 Gold
15 Bean602 1.2 Gold
16 LordCOOOOOOT 1 Gold
16 8bitpillow 1 Gold
16 dummyface2 1 Gold
19 UndertaleTrolll 916 Silver
20 Osozis 524 Silver
21 Dues_Ignis 500 Silver
22 Artheus_7 500 Silver
23 AXZIOM 420 Silver
24 Saf_Annexation 400 Silver
25 FlameQuez 302 Silver
26 XD317 301 Silver
27 HydraSynthesis 255 Silver
28 Seitto 223 Silver Muffin
29 BasicBarOfSoap 200 Silver
30 moneyfu 169 Silver
31 BoBomanUltra 137 Silver
32 ComradeAids 130 Silver
33 Hydrolyte 111 Silver
34 AncientRuby123 100 Silver
36 delxium 100 Silver
37 ihatemysister234 74 Silver
38 Conquest19 72 Silver Spider Essence
39 GlacialGaming 50 Silver Rubee Halo
40 xx_Nyo 50 Silver
Total 119.69 Gold 119,687,000 Bronze
∞+1 Current Balance 104.1 Gold Specific amounts removed

70G restored to Berezaa, donations are resumed!
Last Updated: August 13, 2019, 1:00 AM EST
NOTE: The 23G on PoTM_OwO has been moved back to Th3Mushroom.
Donations will be rounded to the nearest 1 Silver, or 10 Silver for donors above 1 Gold.
Item donations not counted in ranking, except for tiebreakers. Donations under 20s will not be recorded.
Tiebeakers are first determined by items, and then time of donation.
Th3Mushroom is managed by JonnoTheGamer alone.
All donations are non-refundable.


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