Guild Poll 2/10

It looks like Guild Halls may be coming soon and hopefully more features for guilds. But since my curiosity asks:

Are you in a guild?

  • Yes
  • No
  • Yes, but not in the in-game guild yet.

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If you answered a Yes or Yes, but no in the in-game guild yet, what guild are you in?
Note: I am only putting guilds I see in #discord-servers since I do not know of any other guilds.

  • SoX
  • The League of Magic
  • Twilight Underground
  • Seaside Syndicate
  • Revin
  • Vindicate
  • Terul’s Servants
  • Protectors of The Mushroom
  • Sorcery Engineers
  • Evergreen
  • Other

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If you are not in a guild, why? (Waiting for Guild Update? Don’t like any guilds? Plan to make your own?)

In another guild? Which one?

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order of protectors best guild

The Dark Manta, Low notice guild, looking for more active players. :frowning:

I did want to briefly touch on my opinion on guilds at the moment.

If important content (such as new weapons/armour or new items) is being hidden behind guild shops in guild bases, then I will begrudgingly join a guild. Otherwise, if no new content is being hidden or if individuals not in a guild can be brought to a guild’s hall, then I will not be joining a guild. Not yet, at least.

I know I’ve talked about making a guild several times at this point, but I always run into the same issues I have 0 clue how to manage a Discord server, which is the primary way guilds communicate. Also, I have no clue what I’d name the guild. Also, I suck at art, so I have no clue how I’d make a logo for my guild. In the event that I manage to get past these roadblocks, then you may see a guild from me someday, but until then, I’ll be waiting to see what the guild update brings.

I think guilds will inevitably be beneficial in the future. Guild points or guild territory I would not think would be there just for looks.

People join guilds to start climbing the ranks, making it so they can have some kind of command in their benefits.

Sleepy best guild

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The Dark Manta ‘Created : September 31st, 2019’
Oh and can anyone give me leadership tips for guilds

i am on the chad guild

Currently I am in Vangaurd but I think it got disbanded because 2 testers left the guild and not many of us play Vesteria now.

So I’ll probably join a new guild or make one myself.

Join The Dark Manta But We Don’t Have Any Discord.

vangaurd is full of negatives tbh all saying rebirth sucks but they dont know that without rebirth new players wouldnt be able to play through the game (for example people wouldnt be able to do sqr because everyone would be in a higher lvl place)


ya so basically im in serenity, not to flex but it was the first official guild that was created in game by 6 testers when the game was in maintenance

fake news prove it

uhhh van

I dont get it

Anyone Heard Of “The Dark Manta”

  • Yes
  • No

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By Heard Of I Mean Seen A Player With That Guild Name

You Have?!