Guild Comments and stuff

Instead of closing the guild comments and stuff because 1 idiot has to be toxic or whatever and make an entire argument in the comment which makes the leader close it which is very unfortunate.
They should have the power to move comments to another thing to settle the arguments somewhere else instead making the post off topic and closing it. lol

dont try defending urself doctor i saw u in the guild thing

They do. They can split topics and merge them if you didn’t notice. You are the first person to suggest this solution. Good job. :clap:

I like you wrote this post JUST because of me in one topic.

Do you think I give a damn about protecting myself?

Give a better name.

Very unfortunate.

And where will that be?

Moved to #site-feedback.

Doc, can you PLEASE chill?

I’ve seen so many guilds get closed

And how many is many?

i think in general devs need to keep a closer eye on things in the forums
some of the leaders are starting to get biased and unfair towards specific members

Can you please NOT? I’m giving my opinion here.

Giving an agressive opinion that in the end results in nothing, especially in a forum topic’s reply section, is very unnecessary.

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Btw I reopened the guild topic and removed the posts.

That’s great. Of course Meta is the one that does all the work and not the other forum leaders.
Why don’t the other forum leaders take these tasks off him so he can spent time writing TDV posts?

this is what should have been done by ben instead of being biased and flagging my post
unfairly if i remember correctly my post getting flagged stops me from getting regular for like another 100 days so can i somehow file a complaint against this
the flag i got was completely unwarranted

Dw, you have to get 5 inappropiate/spam flags from unique users to be disqualified for Regular.

ok good because i have gotten 3 flags and all 3 are from ben
biased af

EDIT: other 2 might have been @ a4dcube but hek still biased