Guild Banking System

If we get to upgrade our guild hall, use emblems, and others with the use of gold, why not create a Guild Bank?

A GUILD BANK is simply like a donation box, where members donate mushcoins so that they could upgrade their guild. They could also use the G.B.S. as a leader board for the richest guild, etc. and etc.

Where will this be stored?
I think it should be put in below the Guild Notice---- Guild Funds: (Insert Amount Here)

There are more questions to be asked and I’d like for you guys to reply some suggestions for this Guild Banking System.

i think people would just use it to keep their money to avoid death penalty

Guild bank (originally called Guild Stash) has been planned since Guilds were first added to Vesteria, although there have been some hurdles in its development (basically the devs don’t know how/if they can do it).


Well, they could make it unrefundable/unwithdrawable

would you rather tax guilds and make funds a big pain in the bum?

No, im giving a possible reason guild banks dont exist

they already will exist

Woo- They have safe now :smiley_cat: