Guild and Storage

So I got 17 scrolls now and am out of storage room in my inv would love houses or some sort of storage

Also guilds would be super fun and a way to get a closer knit community as well as more competition

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Both of these would be super awesome! +1

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This is would be neat.

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Here’s an idea; guilds have “guild houses”, where a vault is located. You can place a bunch of items in the vault and upgrade it with certain items. Items should vary depending on the class, but all should be equally hard (or easy) to get. Hunter’s vault would be an underground cache, warrior’s vault would be a huge safe made of “indestructible material”, and mage’s vault should be like a contained black hole, because they’re showoffs like that.

Or instead of a black hole maybe an upside-down fabric top hat

We definitely want to allow players to create guilds at a later point in the game, and expand social features to work around guilds. This is farther down our road-map.

In terms of additional storage, I think the best way to implement this would be in terms of a bank you could safely deposit items that you weren’t currently using. Definitely something to consider.

I also think this would be a terrific idea!

Guilds would definitely be a neat aspect to the game if it gets implemented, including perhaps guild raids , guild leaderboards and customizable guild logos.