Guides For Vesteria

Ok so a lot of you said you wanted me to make guides for Vesteria and I dont really know what you guys want so tell me what kind of guides you want me to make down below please.

P.S. umm Ber plz dont close this again I made the title not have filler text. ;-;

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make a guide on how to make money (yah, i’m lame)

you should make a guide on kiting enemies it’s been an idea that I had in my mind for a while but i’m to lazy to make one.

A high level guild like in Sword Art Online. I forget the name but if you know what im talking about then thats it.

ya I have no idea what that is I dont play sword art online

Guides on efficient ways to make money (calculating like how much you make per enemy per kill and how fast you kill them) would be gucci

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What do you mean by Kiting? Like making the enemies chase you to somewhere or just how to dodge their attacks?

Sword Art Online is an anime about RPG, but basically the guild has only High Level players and is very organized, I was thinking like level 25+ to be able to be accepted into the guild.

Edit: Also did you edit this post? Because I swear this was a different post unless the forum glitched out.

Nope didn’t edit anything. But are you sure we’re talking about the same thing, because I’m asking for ideas for guides… not guilds…

Yes that’s what i mean bean

I think I’m just stupid, don’t worry about it.