Guesses on how many people will be on first day of payed accuses

I am guessing around 500 only because payed accuses and not everyone knows about it.

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we shall make everyone know about it!

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so how many do you think will come?

imma guess like 150

i almost forgot it could get top earning because of the price tag or is that not how it works
(Add on) i got to go to bed so i dont miss school then i got to work right after pray for me (first real day not instruction) :sob:

It will prob get 100 because during playtests it got 500 when it was free and paid access games get like 1/3 of the players they would get for free. And 1k robux is a lot so I think it will be 100 playing initially.

We’ll Never Know Until It Comes Out.

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Since i’m from the future it’s going to be 254.

500 is too much
i think around 50

20 lmao, jk that’s probably like a week later… launch day probs 150 max

wait… what?

I think 50 people playing initially is a fair estimate

I’d Say More Around 75.

i will have high hopes for 500

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Barely 600 played last playtest, overestimate

i love this game so i will keep my head in the sky

how much will payed acess will be?

ogm necropstoer nobbbZ!!!

I need Jesus day robucc