Groups based on your class?

I think we could have a bit of fun with groups
we could have 3 groups 1 for each one of the classes
this would let people unite into smaller communities and talk to people who also chose the same class
we could talk about classes and their advantages and disadvantages and just generally find people with similar interests and opinions
plus we would get a fancy badge next to our name showing what class we chose and who doesn’t like fancy badges?

It would be hard trying to set every single user in the forums to their corresponding faction in the game. Plus, with multiple saves with different factions, you could be put in multiple factions in the forums (if there was a bot managing everything).

I was thinking this in the way that
there are 3 groups, 1 for each faction and people can simply choose whichever faction they think they are part of
or whichever class they “main”
it wouldn’t be a forced thing and wouldn’t affect the game in any way
just a fun little thing we could do on the forums to show what faction we support

warrior master race ftw

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It may be hard for the developers to create that feature but I could see them make a bot that messages you if you have a faction preference or not.

and honestly it’s all about mages

there is a tab for groups in the more options thing next to your profile picture
they could simply make 3 groups and let people join

Personally I don’t think people should be split up by group. There was already the mage master race, we don’t need any more of that.

Also, some people plan on playing multiple, if not all different classes.

What Do You Mean “mage master race”, They Only Master Race I Know Of Is The Strong And Mighty Warrior Master Race. Those Mages Are Just Weak, Senile And Slow. Us Warriors Are Strong, Strong And STRONG!

Let’s be honest here. Each class thinks its the best one so a little way of showing support to whichever class we like the most would be cool.
but if you simply don’t want to split the community into 3 parts I can understand your opinion.
and like, bruh. warrior master race FTW