Ground Slam Hidden Stat Point Interactions

So, as we know, mana bomb got hidden stat point interactions. As an example, at 30 str it shoots a fast and high dmging “torpedo” bomb. So, today I’ve come down to discuss what this could be used for ground slam

Strength: For a 30+ str groundslam, the radius would get bigger (like around 2x the average radius) and the dmg would be very high (1.5x dmg at a higher lvl of str possibly? Maybe 70).

Intelligence: Intelligence ground slam, as the devs have previously stated, could turn the groundslam into smite (paladins ability), which we know how it works. Big, giant sword from nowhere.

Dexterity: As we see with the mage bomb, it would make multiple, smaller ground slams in different places. Maybe from a purple version of your character. The main one from you would be a normal old ground slam, but 2-4 other purple versions of you would come in and make smaller, less dmging ground slams that can still do some dmg, mostly useful for a HUGE a group of enemies that a single ground slam won’t clear. (Or Assasins)

Vitality:. This is just a boring old ground slam, (maybe making it a pinkish reddish color) But, most useful towards knights, would heal you. The higher vit you have, the more hp is healed. Starting at 400 hp at 30 vit, climbing all the way to 1200 hp regained. But, only when your attack lands a successful blow.

Welp, I hope you enjoyed another one of my ideas, and I hope you liked them.

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Strength may bit a bit overpowered, since it’s the most needed stat for warriors (in my opinion), so maybe just increase the radius and the damage will just scale as the strength goes up.

Dexterity slams are literally just using the dustworm cudgel. Maybe dex slams could instead make it so you can more aim the slam, and you launch yourself farther.

Intelligence slam as you say is a really cool idea. A mini rebuke, but it shouldn’t be completely alike it.

and cool ideas

think you mean rebuke not smite

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On the Intelligence/Ground Slam interaction:
Gee, where have I seen this before?
Epic Battle Fantasy 4 memories fade in

for dexterity i think it should make two clones of you do groundslams on your left and right. If you have enough dex for 3 ground slams it would make the two clonse on your left and right plus one behind you. It would max out at 3.