Grinding is already extremely boring

(Before you comment about the game being in alpha, I’m basing this upon what the devs have said before and patterns that I see repeating throughout the entire alpha)

I’ve only gotten a decent amount of hours in and I’m already sick of grinding because the mobs do nothing the previous mob didn’t already do.

The spellbooks don’t help when you’re encouraged to have only one main ability. You’re more restricted by the mana cost rather than cooldowns, so yeah, just putting skill points into one ability is more efficient than multiple abilities.

The game just isn’t fun when it comes to grinding disposable mobs that act identically. I’m hoping raid bosses bring something the game doesn’t have yet.

My suggestions would be abilities that do more than just deal high damage. (status effects, buffs and debuffs, etc.) Giving monsters more options than just a basic attack. (dash attack, counter with punish, projectile, etc.)

I’d really like for this post to start a conversation about the future of basic exp grinding.

Past level ten, all monsters will start behaving differently. We just haven’t got there yet. Without giving too much away, we’re going to have monsters that will swarm to protect their other monster friends, monsters that will only be able to take damage if you hit a certain part on their body that moves, etc. We’re adding a mini-boss soon that has completely new movesets and has down-periods where it can take damage, otherwise it takes massively reduced damage.

We hear the concern. Trust me, I’ve been very concerned about stale gameplay. We’ll get there soon.