Greyvale : Information and upcoming tournament (R$ Prize) [UPDATED]

The tournament will be postponed until the classes are balanced out.
Feel free to join the guild for tournaments later on.
Thanks everyone for feedback in comments.

Greyvale is Vesteria’s first and biggest guild.
We’re growing in size every day and have finally reached the stage where we can start hosting tournaments.

Who is eligible to enter tournament?
Anyone inside Greyvale guild may enter our tournaments. You must be inside both Group and Discord to participate.

Tournament rules

  1. No potions allowed.
  2. No exploiting allowed.
  3. No stalling for too long. (Rounds shouldn’t last more than 5 minutes)

Tournament prize
Tournament prize will either be :

  1. Robux
  2. Silver / Ingame items

The Robux prize will be scaled with participants.
(25R$ per participant)

Join the Greyvale
Greyvale Discord : INVITE or INVITE 2
Greyvale Group : GROUP

~Greyvale Guild Leader, Legoracer


How many peeps greyvale havee

We currently have ~40 members inside our Discord. Still haven’t added everyone to group.

Thanks :pray:t2:

but is it worth it tho?
and how would the tournament happen?
and what are the level requirements/ max level since a level 30 will one shot a level 20


but I bet it would be great fun

Yes, I think it’s worth it considering you can earn up to 1000R$, depending on how many people come.

The tournament would happen at the Arena map. It would be overseen by one guild administrator. Both players in the duel would party themselves to admin so he can check their HP and stuff.

There are no level requirements, but obviously, it’s best to max level.


yes but like
it would be SO unfair if a level 30 hunter fights a level 20 mage
he can just 1 shot him

currently, PvP in this game is REALLY unbalanced with abilities that literally let you 1 shot people

(not to mention that max level warriors would destroy anybody in combat)

I recommend you wait till classes are balanced before you do anything pvp related as I doubt any mages are going to participate in this as its pretty much a for sure loss of 25 robux etc therefore I recommend you wait till all classes are balanced!

The classes are horribly balanced at the moment. Best to wait till they get balanced more as a Warrior is 90% likely to win that tournament.

Sorry, you got the wrong idea, there is no entrance fee for the tournament.
It’s just a way for guild members to get entertained + earn some Robux.

Same answer as above. I don’t see the purpose in waiting. Most people have multiple classes and are able to make a new slot to compete in case they want to.

It’s still basically guaranteed to be a max level warrior winning the tournament. That’s how horribly balanced the classes are right now.

How about level 30 people use a weaker weapon? so they have to rely on their stats? cant really think of anything to balance out the levels

interestwing but i have 1 question do fiesh count as potions?

The winner of this tournament is just going to be a lvl 30 warrior who invested if not all, most of his stats in STR that has a weapon with like 2 or 3 ancients, and rest great. I would participate but groups are full, and i’m not looking for a guild, sorry.

Hello, thanks for replying.
We have decided to postpone the tournaments for after the classes are balanced.
Also, we have updated the rules so you don’t have to be in group to participate (I forgot about NBC group limit when making the post).