Great scroll farm guide. (SQR)

Spider Queen Revenge great scroll farm.


If you didn’t already know about this farm, there’s a very nifty way to farm great ATK/DEF scrolls, and I mean a LOT. You’ll also probably obtain a lot of unwanted basic scrolls, but the greats will most likely make up the majority of drops.

The process:
At the end of Spider Queen’s Revenge, you’ll have the face the final boss itself. One of it’s moves is to spawn a crowd of protective spiders which includes a few giant spiderlings.
These giant spiders will drop the great scrolls and some basics as well. So I’m sure you already know what to do… It’s a simple process really, just keep waiting for the spawns and kill the spiders.

It would be a good idea to get the spider queen low health at first, so you’re not struggling to kill it after the inevitable super giant spider spawn spree. Though you could also farm those, but it’s high risk/reward as by the time you’ve killed one, 10 have already spawned and the spawn rate has increased dramatically.
This farm is done a lot easier at high levels(obviously). Do not attempt to the super giant farm at a lower level lol, you’ll quickly learn that it’s impossible, and might even lose depending on how low the Queen’s health is.

Hope this helped, and have a great time farming those great’s
Dry joke, I know.

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