Got **Fierce** Auktufiti's Ballista First try bruh


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Nice, you’re super lucky.

ye i dont accually expect that was fierce one i was like image

Isn’t the drop chance very low? For the bow itself.

idk man i just see spawning me
wait a sec is it watcher?
-insert unepic fight
-hear ding
-check around
im crazy now srry

Apparently the spawn chance is 5% and the spawn time is 10 minutes for the mob.

drop chance 1% O.O?

stop hacking

I’ve gotten a Keen, Fierce, and swift ballista drops BUT THEY ALL FELL THROUGH THE GROUND

hacking??? u mean im harking luck?

tell me whats ur sercet technique to get them ??? 5/5 bosses nth??!?!?
-6th now… still nth

Same here, but its a swift one. Considering now that all DEX is the best ranger stat, I’d say I am just as lucky

imagine getting vit one…