Got A Code for You

Just a lil game, I used 3 different types of ciphers. All your clues are in this topic. They are rather common ciphers, but good luck. (If you get random gibberish, that’s ok, if you are doing it right, then you get Q as the first letter and K as the first in the next cipher. I won’t tell you the end though)

17-8-13 10 3-21-14-4-20-8-9 26-24-24

I’m super dumb and can’t figure it out. Did you leave a hint to which 3 ciphers you used in your original post, or are we supposed to guess and test.

Change the numbers to letters, then use Caesar and Vignere

Ah, ok. I had tried Caesar since I could make the first letter a K with enough playing around. To use Vingnere you need a keyword.

I gave you a clue, you don’t have to read the headlines

Interesting code…

Wait Are The Second And Third Words Both Using The Same Ciphers? Obviously You Don’t Have To Tell Though That Would Help A Bit.

Also The Next Part Of

Doesn’t Really Make Sense To Me. What I Can Get From This Is That If You Decrypt 17-8-13 Into Q H M Then Decrypt Using Vignere Should It Be K B G?

Obviously This Could Be Wrong Though That Is What I’ve Managed.

QHM is right, but KGB isn’t/ but Getting into A situation where you Cant figure it out is Your problem

o wait I think I figured it out… but the last 2 letters of the decoded message are not what I think they should be…

Very Interesting… Good Enigma, Nobody will Ever figure out this hint… it’s Really bad… Extremely bad… did I figure it out First? nah i think astal did.

but seriously this is the worst hint ever lol

Well I Can Shift K G B Up Two Letters To Get M I D Or Down To Get J F A. No Idea If Either Of Those Are Right.

you only need to use the Vignere cipher once and the Caesar cipher once, but when you finished with the Caesar the last two letters are a bit messed up

Also, there are only 25 possible shifts, Trial&Error would work if you have the time…

So Which Decipher Do I Have To Do First? And Do I Have To Do It To All The Letters?

If you got it, dm me the answer. Since ya need hints, L>V>C, 23, and GACY. These are the last hints I am giving you. When I get 3 people answering me correctly, I’ll post another. The next one will be INSANELY harder

To Be Honest Those Hints Mean Nothing To Me, Yet I’ll Still Try Using Them.

One is what to use first and next, one is a shifty one, and one is a key

Yes you decipher all the letters.

to find out which cipher you do first you can try and figure out this hint lol.

hint for the hint

Pay attention to caps & bold, sorry for your eyesight…

If you don't feel like figuring out the hint

Use Vignere on the whole thing first then Caesar on the whole thing.

The key for Vignere Cipher

GACY From the capital letters in the title and

the capital letters in that

Caesar Key

23… after you do that you can use a Caesar cipher (key for that is 1) again on the last two letters to make them not a ‘typo’ I guess.

we need an alphabet for the vignere cipher
Edit: nope we dont im just stupid sorry