Goodbye Vesteria

Well, goodbye! From what I have heard, monster book is turning into a gamepass, stamina got added, auto attack got removed, Beta testers don’t get an item like Alpha, and you will lose gold and get teleported when you die. This was a good game when I bought it.

Berezaa has been stated this has been done in order to fund the continued development of the game, so “everybody in the team has enough to get by” rather than flooding the game with paid exclusive cosmetics.

Stamina existed in Alpha and has added slight depth with its reintroduction - it was a good decision to add.

I don’t know why you would expect Beta users to receive a gift when people who obtained Alpha paid 10x the price for entry and contributed heavily to the games initial development.

Everybody has a huge influx of money they don’t do anything with. This change promotes the idea of not needlessly running without consequence - another change along with stamina that gives additional depth to the gameplay.



i didn’t know you but farewell

The complaints are actually valid if:

  • Consta was low level enough to depend on MBook for income
  • Consta is too low level/low income to use stamina boosting items and doesn’t know about aviator cap or perk increases
  • Consta doesn’t have a proper payment method for 25R$, meaning that it was scraped up by group payout
  • Consta is loss averse

I mean something would be nice…

Beta players get the Beta tag. Even if there was an equivalent gift it would technically be 10 times less value than Alphas, and alphas hardly got anything.


They got at least 10 items and pre-access before beta. So that’s a lot of items in my eyes

it was literally just silver, a pet, a dye, a referral, and some soup. money got reset a while back, and dyes don’t sell high. it wasn’t that big.

but resets did sell pretty high back then when it wasn’t soulbound

there wasn’t a reset in the gift

my friends say there was a stat and skill reset, they were both alpha players so

perhaps, memory doesn’t serve me well

even if they sold high, i said

so that’s void
for context, anything above 50s was reset


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I made an Ancient Webbed. Trying to make an Ancient Tuaa Staff right now though.


Ya’ll can do anything these days when you have the resources :sleepy:
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ok lol

baby yeti pet, baby yeti pet, BABY YETI PET

Beta player need pets. Alphas got the chicken which is something that worth a lot to other players who don’t have it.

It’s very unlikely Beta’s will get a gift of anything at all. Pets will be obtainable in other ways eventually, you’ll just have to wait.