Good news and bad news

Hey everyone, so I’ve got some good news and some bad news for you.

I’ll start with the bad news…

it looks like we are going to have to wipe everyone’s data. We know how much all of you are invested in your characters, but it is something we must do to ensure that our game is secure moving forward. We had some concerns with how we were saving data, and want to restructure it. A couple of exploits also came up in the last playtest that we want to address.

The whole point of these tests is to ensure that the game is stable and secure once we launch it for paying users, so we’re glad we caught a lot of these issues in a playtest and not an actual live release of the game. All things considered, we’re glad that we ran into these issues now while everyone was helping test our game rather than later when we had players spending Robux to play for real.

We predicted some of these issues coming up and unfortunately we were correct:

However, there’s good news! We were planning for the Week 15 playtest to be the last one, but in light of the data wipe and many of the bugs that came up, we feel this is an unsatisfactory way to end the playtests. So, we’re going to do another playtest this weekend. Every week we have a major development focus and this week’s focus will be combat. We’re going to look over all of the numbers, stats and abilities and pretty them up, as well as try to add some new abilities to the game.

So tl;dr, we’re sorry we have to wipe data, but we’re happy it happened early in the game’s development. This comes with the “Pre-Alpha” state of the game and we’re going to take steps to try to prevent this in the future. We’re also going to make this next weekend’s playtest awesome to make up for it.

Thanks everyone for your understanding and for supporting Vesteria


From the play-test we most recently did, we identified a few large-scale issues we’ll try to fix before we launch paid-access.

  • Players being damaged by invisible sources
  • Monsters becoming immune to damage, but also not being able to move
  • Monsters attacking dead bodies permanently
  • Players lying to the trading system about how much Gold they have
  • All monsters dying at once
  • Party system not recognizing a player left the game and keeping them in the party until you respawn.
  • Warrior combat roll allowing players to launch themselves across the map.

If there are any major issues I’ve missed in this list, please let me know below!


I am so happy all of these bugs are going to be fixed and the game will be a lot more clean from now on. Data wipes aside, I am also glad that we have 1 more week to play test and really experience the game before it’s upcoming pre-alpha stage. You guys on the Vesteria team have worked really hard and thank goodness we have such talented game developers on Roblox to make games for us. Thank you.

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Dang, that’s too bad. Has the game been reset yet? I was hoping to do some testing to find out how scrolls worked when I got home.

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We’ll reset after this week.

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Ok cool, so I am hopefully still in the game? Or has there been a restart for updates or bug fixes.

No restarts! We tend not to during the week, only Fridays.

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Coolio! I shall be on the big mushroom until then.

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You Just Don’t Want To Leave The Game Right? Are You Going To Stay In The Game For The Entire Week?

I sure hope so. I don’t know why but I’ve come so far already that I can’t just give up now. (Plus I wanna make some guides for the game since that would be helpful)

great now I’m hyped up again for another playtest.

Now that I’ve experienced the grind to level 20, It should take me less time to do it again. Going to be a lot easier without all those bugs in the game.

Can we get this man a medal? It’s monday after the saturday playtest and hes still in the game. That’s good dedication.

the reset is sad since it took me 2-4 weeks to get where I am now (lvl 20 warrior)
on the flip side, the game will be cleaner and much nice and when the paid-alpha comes along (on week 17)
the game will be much more enjoyable and fun.
and kudos to this @YujiPlayz man. he deserves a medal for staying up in the game for 2 days straight. (even if it was with the power of auto-clicker)

Reaching level 10 in 1 day is impossible, so will people who buy the beta just get a headstart?

Uh I was able to reach Level 10 in like 2 hours or less. It’s not hard, you just have to know what to do.

and as it looks from now the paid-alpha will last quite a while, until the game has enough content in it

It Is Called Paid Beta. Not Paid Alpha.

the game is currently in pre-alpha. once it goes paid it will be paid-alpha
Early access/pre-alpha > alpha > beta > full release