Glitched MP regeneration

For some reason, when i joined the game, I was regenerating double MP. After fighting a bit, it halved…

But even with double MP regen with the current regen its garbage

“invest into INT”

Ysee the problem is that even with lots of INT, the regen is still pitiful. The decrease is most definitely way stronger than the increase that INT provides by a good margin

I have to wait several minutes to get my MP back to full, and I’m out of consumables to actually handle fighting (because I have to Chow down to actually handle fights these days), so at this point I’m smacking down a few spiders then waiting by the sidelines for like 5 minutes

If they could just buff the regen even by a tad, everyone would be happier, because at this point I’m reading more complaints about MP regen than anything else (except maybe warriors slacking… which actually happens to be related to this)

No one likes the Mana changes. I wish they fixed it.

What do you mean? Surely this is for the better of the game

After all, I can now take a shower, go out to eat for a meal, go to the gas station and refill a tank of gas, talk to my friends for a couple hours, maybe take a nap and wake up the next morning, and it’ll already be 75% full. This really needs to be nerfed, because I was really hoping I would have enough time to watch a binge watch a TV show all day and get on vesteria maybe sometime next week. It really does need to be a week long regen, otherwise I won’t have time to do all of this. make it happen guys

EDIT: This was a joke, Im not actually trying to be a jerk

Jesus Christ guys. You really want us to make MP potions completely useless? There are fish that also heal 100 MP, and the rockfish by itself heals way more than that. Purple potions will also come out soon that heal a ton of MP and can be bought from stores.

The MP regen formula was completely broken. At level 70, you would literally regen your entire MP bar in one second. THATS the formula you guys are comparing the current regen to.

Well I can see why that would be extremely broken

but at the current rate it is now, at 27 INT and level 22 I have 216 MP, which is about 5 magic bombs. It sure does sound lethal, but as a class that isnt too melee heavy, I’m also using blink alot, which also kills my MP pool. Once I’m all out of MP I can’t out-brute a warrior with my staff, because im just a dude in cloth robes swinging around a stick with a fancy gem on it. (Obviously mages should not be able to do this anyway so that’s not an issue)

But really in order to actually be effective in battle my character finds himself chugging bottles more often than he’s actually firing his magical bullets, which is rather cost-heavy. Once I’m out of consumables (which I usually do run out after about 10-15 minutes after grinding fish for an hour) It’s cheering from the sidelines for me until I wait out my regen

In the case of which I’m in a party fighting a massive spider queen, that’s really not beneficial to the group to have a party member sitting idly by avoiding damage until he can throw another zap out… then having to continue running around for another 10 seconds for the next zap…

It isn’t so much that we want potions to be useless, we just want to somewhat be able to handle ourselves should we run out of potions. Potions moved from useless to crucial beyond belief to the point that if you’re out of them you’re as good as dead to the party. As it is now, if a mage is out of drinks, they’ll be at the mercy of their opponents without much say in the matter. I’m spending more time trying to get consumables than I am actually being out there on the battlefield. Potions should obviously be helpful and really beneficial for usage, but it shouldn’t necessarily be a necessity, your mage is useless without them sort of thing

Bottom line basic mp and hp pots are useless. small hp pots will probably neverbe useful, and the removal of large pots as drops should be removed. Players want to be able to grind consumables, rockfish you get like 0 from fishing, and mp pots and basic hp pots arent even enough to keep a player being able to farm. At least let us be able to grind out the pots and not have to buy them.


90 int mages have 555 mp, spamming 15 pots to fill up their mp really is not worth it, and even after pot nerfs it takes a minute to even be able to use the pots.

Yeah, I agree.

Why were even big pots removed as drops completely? Their drop rate was broken before, dropping more than MP pots which were worth half as much, but with the current small pot drop rate, you could just make level 7+ mobs drop big pots again, with higher level mobs dropping them more often.

Also, goblins should really give a level 9 bronze club or something

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