Glitch that makes stats reset

This is a glitch i found upon going into the mage place. Not really sure why this is happening.

is it repeatable

Not sure but if someone finds out how to do it, it would be abusable

ok woah i can confirm this glitch

entering the tree of life legit resets your stat ok


Woahhh there this needs fix asap oof

its not repeatable by entering tree of life again however, but now i get to try 30 dex 31 int and 30 strength combo with some vit from bloodmage robes (idk why i did it)

woah this is crazy i used to do 222 damage to scarecrows with basic attack but now i do 260 - 286

edit: however, zaps do less dmg

This is an urgent bug, I wanna @ some Dev but I’m pretty sure Im not allowed to do that

thank you for showing many people this bug instead of showing this to a dev.

Am I complaining?


this JUST happened to me

Might be intentional since ber said he would reset our stats for the update

Weird part is mine only set 10 things back, now completely

It happens in lost corridor too btw