Glitch In Seaside Path

Uhh, I was in Seaside Path and this ended up everywhere. All the crabs are frozen giving people free kills. I’m confused.

If this has do with anything then here, it says last physical position.

It also says in F9 there is no errors. It seems like a server side issue since everyone else sees it.

Just joined to check this out, seems like all the AI is broken, as for the characters everywhere I personally don’t see them? Not too sure, hope this gets fixed tho.

Its a hacker not a glitch

If you see anyone with the crown, let me know. They’re exploiting.

If you’re abusing this exploit rather than reporting it to me you’ll be punished severely.

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What is odd is I don’t know if 4x4Z is lying or is just being for real. Because before he left the server when I would interact with his body it’ll say its 4x4Z.

Someone was wearing it during Bereza’s stream.