Glass Cannon Recruiting

Recruiting memebers for the Glass Cannons.
The glass Cannons is a hunter specific group. We have a discord and guild. We do activities, giveaways, and more. I have no staff at the moment so I’m looking for a staff member. We mostly do things on weekends when mostly everyone is available. List of things we do on weekends

Olympics (once a month)
Foresaken isle boss fights.
Boss fights. (Mainly SQ)
Colleseum Events
And more.

You must be online once a week for an hour (minimum) to stay in the guild and discord.


Reply if your interested!


I recommend using #discord-servers to advertise your guild instead of here.

Good luck getting your guild up, you’re handicapping yourself.
also, you spelled warrior wrong

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…I have 6 members already

not much compared to the other open guilds that allow all classes

Do ya not get the meme

key factor they are hunters like 60-70% of player base is hunters maybe that has dropped though cause of knights and sorcs.

the major issue with the balancing of class numbers is that hunters sound too cool compared to the other “lame” classes
I’ve hated that fact since I first played this game in alpha

I mean, what do mages get? all they have is a staff
hunters get bows and daggers SUBCLASSLESS

i like this guild uaha

I mean hunters are the “coolest” class in mostly everything.

red flag

I love glass cannons with all my heart. So much to the point that all my slots are the glass cannons of the class. I love them

Hahahah wana join

I mean I have a guild but it wouldn’t hurt much to join the discord or smth.

Ty. :)*

I’m interested, where’s the invite to the discord.

tell that to Anthonychi