Give us a free stat reset

As most of you now know, the Vesteria dev team released an update to how stats work towards rangers and mages. (not sure if warriors are affected) Rangers have hidden stat point interactions. For example, rangers fire more arrows per shot the more DEX they have, while if they have more STR points, they gain piercing arrows.

However, in the same update, the dev team has removed stat reset tomes from the ethyr shop, which kind of annoys me and a lot of other people.

What I am proposing is that we get a free stat reset tome every time a drastic change is made towards how stats work.


wait what how do you even get them then

Chad and Mo Ko Tu Aa have a small chance to drop stat and skill reset tomes.

skill reset to fix skill books

time to open my 2nd alpha gift :frowning:

well ive never even gotten a tiki boss drop before so I doubt im getting one

Chad would probably be the better one to farm but I think that a certain number of people need to damage him or else there’s no drops at all.

i soloed chad and got drops, no weapons though. i got a bunch of misc drops and a skill rest. the quantity was clearly lower aswell.

has 3 stat and skill resets each but is afraid to use them. Btw make stat resets traceable since you can’t get them from shop anymore.

I need a stat reset so badly for my cleric. I can’t even get one without hours of grinding, as every time I try Chad (usually the easiest) there are rangers there just taking most of the loot, and as a mage, it’s not as easy to get consistent damage.

We need. A stat reset!

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Block until you get a small server or play in the dead if night