Give Davidii the dev role in the discord! NOW!

I seriously dont get why Davidii isnt a dev in the discord. He is someone that is a very big part of Vesteria development right now. He hasnt just given some monster animations or music but is literally developing subclasses which are going to be a very big and fundamental part of playing Vesteria.
So yeah, I think Davidii has to be recogized for being the drought slayer and working very hard for subclasses. Also this isnt low effort, I really want Davidii to be recognized and given the dev role.


he isnt working on the game / full time worker hes only there for the subclasses
(i thnk)

david is carrying the vesteria team rn but developer role i think is only for office workers or if you are a major contributor. david definitely is a major contributor but there’s probably another criteria he doesn’t meet that i’m missing.

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bruh moment. he has done more then what prisman has done (sorry prisdad, but i gotta spit the facts)

he really needs developer role, i dont get why he doesnt have it.

it’s whatever
just a role color and maybe some extra perms

NO. Davidii is awesome, and he deserves more of a respected title and role. Without him, earth would blow up before subclasses come out. just give him the darn role and put my soul to rest. :angry:



bruh moment. david is doing it 1 time

still bruh. that 1 time is the greatest of all time.

He has the dev role in game at least

yes but not in discord :angry:

davidii is a contractor. he would be developer if he was working full time

the reason why everyone says “david does more than berezaa” is because each of the scripters work on different areas of the game.

Berezaa handles frontend, pertaining to GUIs, player data, and interactivity
Polymorphic handles some of the backend animations / weapon logic, and also the monster logic
Prisman handles questing, and monsters as well i think
(correct me if im wrong)

Davidii has been hired as a consultant and part-time developer to finish the subclass abilities as the main team has their hands full with rebalancing, maps, items, etc.

He is working on the subclasses and only the subclasses. Nothing else, that’s why it looks like he’s getting “more” done. Each dev is giving their best in their section.

so please, every dev is doing their part.
i do love the abilities davidii has made tho. lookin sweet


well then give davidii a contractor role :cry:
also i never said bere doesnt do anything, just davidii should get the dev role. yeah yeah he is a “contractor” but he is practically a “dev” in everyone’s eyes. but ok ok, i see what u mean.

yea yea, i see what you mean.
sadly Davidii won’t get the developer role (unless…? :flushed:)
since he’s just completing tasks for now. much like how most of the other contributers are commissioned for their services when needed (dont quote me on that. speculation), davidii might be a scripter they can commission if they need something done pertaining abilities, i.e a rework or of the sort. so hopefully he won’t be gone as soon as he’s done, and we’ll most likely see more of his amazing abilities in the future. :slight_smile:

sorry if i made it sound like that, just that it frequently goes around “berezaa doesnt do anything why is david not dev lol he does more” when they don’t really see behind the scenes how they work.

also i guess you could call david a sort of part-time dev? the developers right now are working in hopes of profit, but most contract/contributers are paid with money upfront. but i see what you mean too, yeah

all in all, it really is just a discord role. It doesn’t effect how well you work on the game…maybe? I don’t know if he cares or not but its a weird thing to argue about.

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The Vesteria developers should really be like Davidii :pensive: He pumps out sneak peeks and hypes the community but berezaa and prisman at some convention while he works hard to impress us :sob:

You guys forget yourself or are too ignorant to remember. Berezaa is nothing close to a fool or inactive developer and while I love and admire Davidii, he’s not perfect either. I can’t say any backlash is unwarranted because it makes for a necessary voice of the people, but there will come a time when you realize Berezaa is still the man who envisioned and gave life to this game.

But yeah, Davidii would be more than willing to accept a Dev title with Vesteria.