Give Aviators more stats

I know aviators prevent heat exhaustion and overall look epic, but let’s be real, they cost 500 hard-to-grind crystal beetles. Possibly make them give +3 stamina? Or maybe even +5. It will make grinding for them even more worth it.

Yeah, I was thinking for them being Aviators that they would give more stamina than the Aviator Cap. Honestly, I would be very happy if it functioned as a stamina headgear.

Exactly, it takes forever to grind for them.

Big helm moment

Yes rangers need even more speed

I thought the point of aviators was supposed to be a hard to get cosmetic item like the spider crown so you can flex.

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I can get Aviators fairly easy if I wanted to, just farm for Mushcoin then buy the beetles while grinding Saraskis the Impaler.

If, for whatever reason, the stamina is a no-go, alternative idea: Because the aviators make you too cool, for nothing to stand in your way, make mobs not agro unless you hit first.

Too OP, that kinda misses the point of the game. It would basically give any class the assassin’s invisibility with unlimited duration.