Giants mechanic

Anyone knows what’s the mechanic of Giants? Week 14 playtest happen in my country midnight lol.

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Whenever a new monster spawns, it has the chance of spawning as a giant version of itself. The odds are really low, about 1/700 IIRC, but when they do spawn the entire server is alerted and anyone can fight them. When they die, anyone who did an acceptable amount of damage (ie, did not just hit them for 1 damage) can pick up their loot. Giants are unique because once one person picks up the loot, the loot is gone for everyone. Regular monsters have copies for everyone that did damage. Giants can also spawn golden-items, and these are for the people that did the most damage (or, rather, the more damage you do the more likely you are to get one).


To add on, giants also give a TON of experience to everyone who helps kill them, so it’s worth your time to go after one if you see it spawn!