Giant Picture of Alpha Veterans/Known Players

I’m going to be drawing a big picture of all the Alpha Veterans with their guild banners in the background.
Late Alpha players like Revin members are OK to be in it. I need a list of players to draw and a picture of your avatar and guild your in (if you are in one.) You also have to be approved to be drawn.

Where do you think the picture should take place?

  • Port Fidelio
  • Warrior Stronghold
  • Tree of Life
  • Grand Crossing
  • Seaside
  • Other (Reply)

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Bruh, why you send me this.

uWu, sounds cool

You don’t need to make a list of all the alpha veterans. If you consider yourself one just send a picture of your Vesterian avatar.

Could I be in it?

Yes, but do this first.

Oh, the guild.
Well, uhm…
I’ll ask around for good guilds to join.

You don’t need to be in a guild

VotreKaramby, Seaside Syndicate

I was in the pre-alpha, does that count?

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Kiritsugu - no guild.

Some people are in here by default like @JonnoTheGamer and @Meta but I still need a Vesteria Avatar unless you want some sort of custom one.

sounds interesting! ill consider joining

Atomilogical - PoTM

Cthoma23456 - PoTM

Aeroadam1 - sok guild

(old picture of aeroadam1 in his prime)

Pole is closed

Send me some good pictures of Seaside

Wait, but you can’t access Seaside anymore, and I don’t think anyone took any really good pictures of Seaside while it was open.

I have been S U M M O N E D
i just took this now how to you guys like it
brb gonna post in screenshots of vesteria


I haven’t played for over 6 months so pardon the outdated character.