Giant Impaler Boss - Send Help!

A giant boss has spawned in, this time causing equal amounts of lag as the super giant scarab. Warriors cannot get close because unlike the scarab this boss does move, making only ranged attacks be able to hit him.

GET TO a5c

the lag is real
already crashed once

If I could join this, I would bring an inventory full of arrows (roughly 3000 arrows), grab my full-ancient Tuaa Bow, and bring the pain. Also, half the reason there’s so much lag is because of Sorcerers and Hunters using spider weps, the lag is due to the sheer number of particle effects. Sadly, I’m stuck at school right now and can’t do anything. I am a level 45 Ranger (don’t have ballista yet - been trying to farm Auktufiti), my primary weapons are a Keen Icicle (using it until I get a Fierce Icicle, the crit chance boost is op) and a Pristine Sand-Ravaged Bow. Both are full Great scrolled. I have maxed-out Hail of Arrows, but this thing moves too much for that to be super effective (it usually deals 1k+ per tap and taps like 13 times). However, because of the lag, I wouldn’t be able to fight really at all, because the rest of my family has filled the only computer we have that can run Roblox (I miss when Windows Vista Home Premium was still supported - then I could clear it of most of the old stuff and play almost lag-free) with crap they don’t even need and could do on our desktop. On the verge of wiping the hard drive, I am so sick of dying to lag I can’t farm much better than Shiprock Bottom and SQR.
Good luck to you all. May Vesra protect you.

Laughs at how the other warriors can get close I’m a knight so my shield rush will solve that problem. It’s also depressing that I can get that thing down half health in 4-8 min running solo

Is this thing dead yet?