Get ready to be yeeted

  • Respawns disabled. Dying returns you to your home city and causes you to lose money, assuming you are not revived by a Cleric in your party.

  • Taximan Dave can take you to any map you’ve explored (with exception of maps on different continents such as forsaken), and any specific checkpoint that you’ve found on a map

who’s ready to get punted


This out?

coming soon

Ok… better get going around friending all the clerics I see

Damn, rip melee classes in Forsaken

Is slight damage reduction (whether it be across the board or specific enemies) coming with this update? It is quite hard to not die from Mo Ko Tu Aa at 25% HP as a melee class.

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What city do adventurers (non-faction players) get sent back to?

Also excited for the Taximan Dave update, finally he can be used for something other than saving space on runes.

Not me because I don’t die B)

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That’s the spirit

Get some vit or get good, yall got that 20% damage protection for a reason

Adventurers get sent back to Mushtown, though im contemplating a way for any player to set Nilgarf as their home city, perhaps after completing a questline

Firstly, will you lose exp? (If you will, how much)
Secondly, how much money will you lose?

For some reason I feel like it makes more sense to lose money than to lose experience, but Im not 100% sure yet. Might need to play around with both

Are you always going to lose a set amount of money or does the money lost depend on how much bronze/silver/gold you have?

Maybe have it be both at once, 5% EXP and 2% of your money? It’s just enough to encourage people to not die, but not enough to make death an extremely penalising thing in case of unfair circumstance (death from lag, being flung off the map, etc.)

I also wonder about colo. Will this also apply to deaths in colo or are we allowed to be respawned back in there

Wait never mind Taxi Man Dave rework whoops

Going off of this post, seems like Colosseum will (probably) be safe.

Not like Colosseum actually has dedicated players.

Probably because the cap has moved way beyond the colosseum gear levels.

I do not like this upcoming update. Megu made an amazing point against this:

Its gonna be a pain in the arse, but I guess its ok cause you’re making rangers even more op.