General Combat/Farming Tips

My general tips that can help you be more efficient is:

  1. Circling enemies can help you avoid some attacks, such as the Elder Mushroom, I can avoid 50% of their attacks by circling them.

  2. Clump up enemies, you can hit a few at a time. Just gather the attention of 2-3 enemies and swing at them when they are close for faster EXP.

  3. Go to Mushroom Grotto under Mushroom Forest, many people still don’t know about it, but for levels 5 and up it is the most efficient way. Don’t be afraid of dying because you spawn right back next to them. There are at least 15 Elder Mushrooms spawning close to each other.

You can go into more detail or add your own tips in the comments below.

  1. download a macro for your left click and Z keys
    top kek

Though it will be less efficient for those wanting to get at the top.

  1. Remember to use the right abilities at the right time. If you have an ability that deals splash damage, only use it if there are a lot of enemys. If you have an ability that deals damage to one enemy, only use it if there is ONE enemy with a a lot of health, as it deals a lot of damage. Also, remember to actually hit the enemys, and not just miss every time.

or u can just set your pick-up key to w,a,s, or d…

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really dont see how but ok