Gems to every equipment

New Gems for every class.

  1. I inspired by Drakensang there was something like gems or crystals they will be able to drop from monsters.
  2. You’ll be able to upgrade to bigger ones and they could give 0.5% if they will be on level 1 and you can upgrade them to level 3 or 5 max, with some silver and 3 or 5 small gems to upgrade them to the bigger ones.
    5.There will be different gems diamonds(gives +def)ruby(+atk)sapphire(+int)amethyst(+vit)
    emerald(+speed attack or movement speed)onyx(+crit)
  3. Weapons and armors will have 3 slots for any gems and then you could be removed be a jeweler in nilgarf or in diffrent city.

image !

100%/70%/60%/10% ATK scrolls can be used on any weapon, same goes for DEF and headgear DEF.

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For your information, every class has the ability to use:

  • 100% attack scrolls
  • 100% defense scrolls
  • 100% headgear scrolls
  • Great Weapon Scrolls
  • Great Defense Scrolls
  • Cursed Weapon Scroll
  • Cursed Defense Scroll
  • All Ancient Scrolls
  • Holy Scroll
  • Reset Scroll

Do you want to know why that’s the case? Because every class already has weapons, armor, and hats. Who would’ve thought? Heck, even the orb was used by every class. I suggest you do your research instead of looking for a system that’s unnecessary.

you can only imagine how many 10% scrolls this guy has used…

Weapon Attack affects all damage types… Why would people upgrade staffs if they only affected physical damage???

I thought it only works with a weapon attack and it doesn’t work with magic attacks.
If I did it wrong it’s difficult but the idea with gems is probably okay?

yeah, your gem idea seems nice. a small thing you could apply to weapon to give it a boost is a plausible one now.

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