Gear Enchantments

Yes, I have checked for topics similar to this and I have seen someone already suggest something similar, but my ideas are a little different.

Weapons and armor can be enchanted with special effects that would provide a permanent boost for the weapon. However, these enchantments would be expensive and potentially be rare boss drops.

There could be an enchantment seller in the Mage City who sells certain basic enchantments.

Some of which may include:

  • Lucky Upgrading - Boosts chances of scroll success by 25% (30S)
    Effect would be shown as a green aura.

  • Weak Poison Tip (Hunter Only) - Inflicts lingering damage even after attacking an enemy (50S)
    Effect would be shown as a light purple aura.

  • Sharpened Edge - boosts current crit ratio by 40% (60S)
    Effect would be shown as an orange aura.

Enchantments are irreversible and can’t be removed from a weapon, so one would need to enchant their weapon wisely.

I like the idea, I also have another idea

Vampiric Essense (Hunter Only; Could also be Assassin only if wanted in the feature) - Draws blood from the enemy and heals health for 10% of the damage done. Applies Bleeding (status effect) to the enemy which would be similar to Weak Poison Tip’s effect but weaker.

The reason that I don’t think this should be for warriors is that the majority of their weapons at the current moment are based on blunt force damage while hunters use sharp quick attacks to make their enemies bleed.
Edit: Effect would be shown as blood dripping off the weapon’s blade. Forgot to add this part earlier.

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Cool idea!

Dripping Energy: Boosts magic attack by 5%, basic attack DMG by 3%, and allows attack about 10m below (weapon attack is decreased by 35% however.)
Effect would be shown by a blue aura along with droplets coming from the weapon.

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