Games broken for mac players AGAIN

In the update about a week ago you guys fixed freezing from dying bugs, and mac OS bugs in general. Yeah, uh, they are ALL back now. I don’t know if you reverted those fixes, but if you could look into them, that’d be nice.

Ya pretty much Mac OS and iOS freezes. Berezaa is aware tho and is currently discussing with roblox and other devs.

yeah just wanted to mention cause he fixed some of the problems but they’re bacl

I’m stuck in redwood pass rn and this bug is pretty big rn so I dunno at least I could kill yeti. But takes forever to load in T-T.

same same, im stuck in sewers and i dont evem spawn INSIDE the actual map xd

placed in #gameplay-improvements:bug-reports

oh lol

This happened to me too with my lvl 21 Mage save in Fidelio and level 5 (lol) save in the Clearing. Can’t even open my inventory and the perf stats (ping stats) also freeze.

yep broken

i vote this because the freeze took 10 min

yep this game is oof