Game Updates Poll

  • Get small updates over a long period of time.
  • Get large updates, but have to wait a long time to get them.

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Why Give Us The Ability To Vote For Both…

For a mutual decision

I don’t get what the point would be to pick for “Get small updates over a long period of time.” if we have the option of getting large updates over a long time.

I said but wait a long time, not over a long time.

Which means you have 1 month to wait to receive a big update. But if you get a small updates every week of that month, it would keep the attention of the players. Well that’s the way I see it, so I’m on that side.

It’s still the same thing though. Waiting over a long period of time and waiting a long time is the same thing. Except one would have less content.

Every week for a small update isn’t a long time, and even then I would disagree with that choice.

Why Say

When They Both Release The Same Amount?

I was talking about the way he said it in the poll then the next line I responded to his explanation.

Yes, they would. I have no idea what he’s talking about. Secondly, I’m not talking about you Nofearon, but a4DCube, it isn’t the same thing, as i said before,in my opinion, releasing small updates at a time would keep the attention of players.

I said it properly in the poll, you just didn’t read it right.

For instance, Fortnite releases small updates over a long period of time. Which means they update often.
An example of a large update you have to wait a long time for is Fantastic Frontier, they lost a lot of players because they decided to release a large update after a long while.

Great Examples Of Both.

What I was saying is that a week isn’t a long amount of time, in fact it’s a small amount of time compared to a month. I understand your explained version but the poll said “long” amounts/periods of time for both, so I assumed the same amount of time for both answers at first.


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they mean that you get small updates over a short pause of none or a large update after 2 - 3 ish months maybe more

its turned into 63% vs 54%

I think by large updates he means like Jailbreak updates after it was released from Beta. Jailbreak updates around once a month with a fairly large update (which no longer impresses me or intrigues me into the game). Before, it used to update weekly, with small updates with a fair amount of content. I’d rather small updates, the game was fresher and better that way.

yeah same here

I said that already ???