Game lore, explained aspects, etc etc

Vesteria needs a story, like why are there 3 seperate factions, why are the crabs so numerous, and why are spiders so evil looking?

Start thinking, maggots.

First were warriors and they were all like, man, we should just use whtevr we find on the floor as our weapons, then there’s the hunters, and they were all like, o no no no, we’re not like that, we pick our weapons, from a pawn shop, then the mages were like, ha no, we just pick up nice sticks as we put christmas lights in them for our magic. THen they all hated eachother. The end

(this is a joke btw)

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anyways tho, Here’s a plot tht’s worse than the one above
There were three kings reigning over vesteria, each with its separate army, They had a mutual relationship as they just eliminated the roaming spiders and goblins. That was until, the world(no, not the stand) was shrouded with crimson clouds corrupting even trivial things such as mushrooms. it made each enemy, larger, and more capable of harm. The armies were able to take care of most of them, however they had many more casualties and the kings are now dead. It's been almost two centuries since then and the world has been stable, but the evil still remains as the crimson cloud has put a curse on the earth having an ever lasting monsters roam around its surface. Then, Suddenly, out of nowhere without warning The people, the saviors starting fall out of the sky, and they were known as, _the players_. These people met up with old faction leaders still knowing their arts they teach them everything they need to know as they get stronger and stronger.

k uh i have no clue wht else to add so ima just leave it at tht, a story that took me 3 minutes to make andwhichidontevenlike kthx

Edit:(some grammar mistakes fixed)

pr3tty oveerused story plot but h e y imnotoriginal B)

some community members have made game lore

most of it sucks

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Here, this is what I wrote. No one reads it anymore and I’m pretty sure Cube doesn’t like it. Click Here!

This is what I’m working on, right now,

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Woah dude, that could be a published story!

Keep writing!

Thanks, man, means a lot! You know what I’d like to see? A hub of all the different game lores. You should set up a forum post for that.

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